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Vanadium Trioxide(V2O3)

Vanadium Trioxide(V2O3)

We are the Vanadium Trioxide(V2O3)manufacturers in China.

CAS No:1314-34-7

UN No:2860

Transport hazard class:6.1

Vanadium Trioxide(V2O3)
Vanadium Trioxide(V2O3)
Vanadium Trioxide(V2O3)


99.5% 99.8%
Ca 0.055% 0.015%
Fe 0.04% 0.015%
Mg 0.033% 0.01%
Si 0.022% 0.015%
Cr 0.006% 0.002%
AI 0.015% 0.002%
Na+K 0.18% 0.03%


1.As material be used in vanadium battery.
2.As material manufacturing VC13.
3.Colouring for ceramic industry and glasses industry
4.Catalyst for Petroleum Processing.
5.Grain refining in tungsten carbides.
6.Be used in capacitor material, electronic
7.components, switch material(magnetic switch,
8.thermal switch, electro-optical switch) etc.
9.Magnetic material.


A deep blue or black solid.
V203 has the corundum structure.
It is antiferromagnetic with a critical temperature of 160 K.
At this temperature there is an abrupt change in conductivity
from metallic to insulating.
Upon exposure to air it gradually converts into indigo-blue V2O4.

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