Tantalum Powder

Tantalum Powder

is a gray, heavy, and very hard metal. When pure it is ductile, and can be drawn into fine wires (then used in filaments for evaporating elements such as aluminum). Tantalum is used to make a variety of alloys with desirable properties, such as high melting point, hardness, or good ductility.Tantalum also has good “gettering” properties at high temperatures, and its oxide forms stable films with good rectifying and dielectric properties.Tantalum is almost non-reactive at temperatures below 150 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures it is much more reactive, and its melting point is exceeded only by Tungsten and Rhenium. It is attacked only by acidic solutions containing the fluoride ion (such as hydrofluoric acid), free sulphur trioxide, and (slowly) by alkalis.

Tantalum Metal Powder:
1. Ta: 99.95%min.
2. O: 900ppm.max.
3. Size: 3–5um, or 5–8um.

Tantalum Powder, Specification As Follows:

Ta>99.95%,  O<900ppm,   H<10ppm,  C<30ppm,  N<25ppm,   Si<15ppm,   Ti<10ppm, Mo<8ppm,     W<20ppm,    Mn<5ppm,   Ni<15ppm,  Fe<15ppm,   Mg<10ppm,   Cr<15ppm,  Nb<40ppm.

Tantalum Metal
CAS#: 7440-25-7, m.p. 2996°C, b.p. 5425°C, density 16.6 gm/cm3
Gray, heavy, ductile and very hard metal, high melting point, very high resistance to chemical corrosion.

Item No.



ME73-3N5(SR) Tantalum Metal Powder
Metallurgical Grade
-150 mesh or -325 mesh.
Ta > 99.95% (metals basis)
Nb < 0.010%, Fe < 0.005%, Ni < 0.005%, Si < 0.015%
O < 0.2%, H < 0.005%, N < 0.01%, C < 0.015%
ME73-3N5(EB) Tantalum Metal Powder
Electron Beam Grade
-150 mesh or -325 mesh.
Ta > 99.95% (metals basis)
Nb < 50 ppm, Fe < 25 ppm, Ni < 50 ppm, Si < 10 ppm
O < 2000 ppm, N < 50 ppm, C < 50 ppm
ME73-3N5(CP)-FTaXX Tantalum Metal Powder
Various Capacitor Grades
Ask for detailed specs.
Ta > 99.95% (metals basis)
O 1600~2800 ppm, N 70~300 ppm, C 70~100 ppm
Nb < 50 ppm, Fe+Cr+Ni < 150 ppm, Si < 10 ppm
Specific capacitance: 3,500 to 40,000 µfv/g
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We supply various fabricated tantalum and tantalum alloys products: tantalum plates, tantalum sheets, tantalum foils, tantalum targets, tantalum rods and tantalum wires for the electronic, semiconductor and chemical industries. Please contact us for more information and prices.