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Barium Molybdate

Barium Molybdate

Barium Molybdate Formula: BaMoO4
CAS Number: 7787-37-3
Molar Mass: 297.2646g
Percent Composition: Ba 46.196 %; Mo 32.274 %; O 21.528 %
Solubility Product Constant (Ksp): 3.54•10-8
• Refined and enamel for the naphtha product adhesion;
• For enamel products, adhesives, strong adhesion to enamel with the iron.Can also be used to remove sulfur in naphtha.


Grade Barium Molybdare (%min.) H20 (%max.)
Grade I 90 3
Grade II 85 3
Grade III 80 3

Package: In iron drum with inner plastic bag of 25 kgs net each.

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