Standard V2O5 catalyst contains approximately 6 to 8 wt% of vanadium pentoxide. High V2O5 catalyst contains 7 to 9 wt% vanadium pentoxide combined with a modification to the chemical composition of the active phase. The higher vanadium pentoxide content imparts a higher activity to the catalyst making it suitable for use in the lower catalysts passes where a substantial amount of the SO2 has been converted to SO3. Increases in activity of 10 to 20% have been achieved with this modified catalyst

Q: What is the difference between vanadium pentoxide flake and vanadium pentoxide powder ?

A: Vanadium pentoxide flake has low loss on ignition, low sulfur and dust contents, and high density of the molten oxide compared with vanadium pentoxide powder .

Q: What is the advantange of vanadium pentoxide V2O5 catalyst development?

A: Since the development of the first vanadium pentoxide catalyst, research and development has centred around understanding the mechanism in which vanadium pentoxide and its promoters perform as catalyst, the role of the carrier, increasing the activity of the catalyst and development of different catalyst shapes.

Q: What should be paid attention to when you handle the vanadium pentoxide?

A: Avoid getting Vanadium Pentoxide ON YOU or IN YOU. Wash thoroughly after handling Vanadium Pentoxide. Do not eat or drink while handling this material. Remove contaminated clothing immediately.Use ventilation and other engineering controls to minimize potential exposure to Vanadium Pentoxide.

Q: Is vanadium pentoxide dangerous or toxic?

A: Vanadium Pentoxide is considered as dangerous goods under the rules of IATA. Vanadium Pentoxide is harmful or fatal to contaminated plant and animal life.Vanadium Pentoxide can be extremely toxic to fish and aquatic plants.Vanadium Pentoxide can irritate and may damage skin,eyes, and respiratory system.

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