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Sodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate

Sodium molybdate was first synthesized by the method of hydration.A more convenient synthesis is done by dissolving MoO3 in sodium hydroxide at 50–70 °C and crystallizing the filtered product.The anhydrous salt is prepared by heating to 100 °C.It is used in industry for corrosion inhibition, as it is a non-oxidizing anodic inhibitor. The addition of sodium molybdate significantly reduces the nitrite requirement of fluids inhibited with nitrite-amine, and improves the corrosion protection of carboxylate salt fluids. Sodium molybdate is often found as the dihydrate. Sodium molybdate dihydrate is a useful source of molybdate, a Molybdenum compound. The compound has displayed the ability to stabilize both the androgen and progesterone receptor. When applied to non-activated estrogen receptors the Sodium Molybdate reversibly inhibited receptor activation. In the Rat Sodium molybdate dihydrate inactivated both the active and inactive form of the gluco corticoid receptor complex. With the use of nitrites, molybdate salts have been shown to reduce the emission of hydrogen sulphide from swine manure.

Sodium molybdate specification:


Sodium Molybdate


Sodium Molybdate


7790 - 28 - 5

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



White Crystalline Powder

Solubility Of Sodium Molybdate

Freely Soluble in Water.


7 - 10.

Assay Of Sodium Molybdate

NLT 99.00% (On Dry Basis)


Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate specification:

CAS Number:10102-40-6



Purity: ≥99%

Form: Solid

PhysicalAppearance:Whitecrystals, powder or crystalline powder

Solubility:Solublein water

Melting Point: 100 °C (dec.)(lit.)

pH: 7.0-10.5

Use: Sodium molybdate is widely applied to dyes, pigments, catalysts, corrosion-inhibiting agent, molybdenum salt, fertilizers etc.

Package: In plastic lined knit bags with the net capacity of 25 kg or double-plastic-bags lined iron drums with the net capacity of 50 kg.

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