Quality Index:

Variety Mo Content,% No Less Than
Ammonium Tetramolybdate(AQM) 57.00

Name: Ammonium tetrathiomolybdate
Properties: It is soluble in water, ethanol and ammonium hydroxide
Ammonium Tetramolybdate
Element Index:

Brand Impurity Content No More Than,%
Si Al Fe Cu Mg Ni Mn
MSA-1 0.0006 0.0006 0.0005 0.0003 0.0006 0.0003 0.0005
MSA-2 0.0010 0.0006 0.0008 0.0005 0.0006 0.0005 0.0006
P K Na C Pb Sn
MSA-1 0.0005 0.007 0.0008 0.0008 0.0005 0.0005
MSA-2 0.0005 0.010 0.0010 0.0010 0.0005 0.0005

Use: is an important reagent in the chemical reactions of molybdenum and is used as a base in bioorganic chemistry; it is used in healthcare as an effective treatment of Wilson’s disease, the hereditary disorder of copper metabolism
Package: In plastic lined knit bags with the net capacity of 25 kg or iron drums with the net capacity of 50 kg.
1. The k element content should not be more than 50 mg/kg and it can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements;
2. Products of various specifications and packages can be supplied according to customers’ requirements