Appearance: Bright silver gray metallic luster. (Process according to user’s drawing, surface finish is higher)
purity: Mo> 99.93%
Density: > 10.15g/cm³
Unit weight: The special dimension of various kinds of Molybdenum electrodes under 70kgs is consulted by both parties.
Dimension: produced according to the needs of users : (φ20 – φ100) *L (mm)
Properties: The high strength and chemical stability of molybdenum make it ideal for working at high temperatures and pressures.The molybdenum vapor pressure is much higher than the pressure range in a typical vacuum furnace.




Size of finished product (mm)

Molybdenum electrode bar



14 x 20 x (400-520)
17 x 17 x (400-520)
20 x 20 x (530-540)

Molybdenum electrodes plated



(60-160) x (160-500) x (3-7)

Molybdenum threaded rod


Dia(6-36) x (30-60)

Main applications: Molybdenum bar is usually used for the manufacture of all-metal temperature zones for vacuum furnaces, the temperature in which is up to 1500 ° C.Due to the slow erosion rate of molybdenum and the high creep resistance, the electrode is immersed in molten glass with little to no adverse effects on chemical and dimensional stability
Extremely useful material for the manufacture of heat conductors, welding electrodes, electrodes for the glass industry. In addition, molybdenum bars are used for furnace heaters with sapphire glass and other vacuum furnaces operating in a protective atmosphere.