Appearance: Silver gray metallic luster
No defects (lose side , lose corner , divide layer , crackle)
To bend or align according to the needs of users
Density: > 9.8g/cm³
Purity: Mo> 99.95%
Melting point: 2620°C
Boiling point: 4630°С
Dimension: (14-20) * (14-20) * L L< 500mm

Properties: high modulus of elasticity, resistance to plastic deformation;high thermal conductivity;low coefficient of thermal expansion;melt touch resistance;good machine processing.
Main applications: Molybdenum electrodes are used in electric furnaces for melting glass and basalt with the highest productivity. Recently electrodes find their application in the production of fiberglass.It can also be used as an analogue of tungsten for the production of welding alloys, specific welding accessories or consumables.
Advantages: we guarantee high purity of the material; maximum density;homogeneous structure, high strength and operational stability
Production: Powder metallurgy methods are used for the manufacture of molybdenum electrodes. First, the powder is sintered in a furnace under the influence of high temperature, then the workpieces themselves are forged at lower temperatures. At the final stage, they are rolled and milled. If necessary, the electrodes are also calcined.
Molybdenum electrode can be used for glass industry,andwork in the glass solution with the temperature of 1300℃. Molybdenum electrode is used as electro-heat equipment of the glass fiber kiln. It is an important part in rare earth industry. Its density is more than or equal to 10g/m3, and its purity can reach 99.5%.nWe also supply, excluding molybdenum electrode,molybdenum electrode plate,molybdenum electrode bars.
The impurity content accords with GB3462-82 standard