Molybdenum Plate

Appearance: Silver gray metallic luster.
This product is made with Fmo-1
The impurity content accords with GB3462-82 standard.




Dimensions (mm)


Big molybdenum plate

High temperature molybdenum plates & TZM plate



(20-40) x (90-240) x (200-600)

Good high temperature properties and machinability

High purity molybdenum plate



Suitable for rolling pure molybdenum plates

Small molybdenum plate

High purity molybdenum plate


16 x 16 x 160

Suitable for rolling molybdenum foil and punching molybdenum discs

Properties: Molybdenum plate has a large number of technological advantages: strength and elasticity;resistance to heat, high temperatures and mechanical damage; resistance to corrosion,and aggressive industrial environments such as alkaline solutions and concentrated acids. Due to its properties, molybdenum plate is more durable than other metal plate.

Production: There are two production methods for molybdenum plate – hot rolled and cold rolled. The hot rolled method produces sheets with a thickness of 1 to 30 mm, the cold rolled method produces thin sheets from 0.1 to 0.9 mm.

Molybdenum plate is produced in accordance with the order. It can be of different lengths, widths, thicknesses, standard and non-standard size.

Application: Molybdenum plate has found wide application in modern industry. It is most often used in the production of heat-resistant containers, lighting devices, heat-resistant thermal enclosures, in radio electronics and X-ray technology.