Molybdenum electrode plates are semi-finished products for thermal screens, structural elements of aircraft and other elements requiring resistance to high temperatures and high mechanical strength,The initial workpiece for the producition is a squre molybdenum rod.
Purity: Mo> 99.95%
Density: >10.15g/m³
Molybdenum Electrode Plate
Dimension: (3 – 25)* (50 -500) *L L<800mm (Unit weight is not more than 40 kgs) special specification should be consulted by both parties
Properties: Molybdenum plate has many valuable properties, including high strength, hardness and thermal conductivity at high temperatures. It also has a low expansion coefficient and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion.
Main Applications: Applied in many branches, including in the electrovacuum, aviation, and metalworking industry.Molybdenum plates are used in the production of thermal protection screens for electric furnaces, sheet heaters, targets.Also used for the internal coating of high-tech installations in which single crystals – sapphires are grown.In addition, the possibility of rolling molybdenum a thin sheet, unlike tungsten, allows it to be used as a blank for the production of molybdenum foil.
The impurity content accords with GB3876-83 standard