Molybdenum powder is a fine, grayish-black powder composed of molybdenum particles. It possesses several characteristics that make it valuable in various industrial applications. Here are some key characteristics of molybdenum powder:

1. High Melting Point: Molybdenum has an exceptionally high melting point of approximately 2,623 degrees Celsius (4,753 degrees Fahrenheit). This property makes molybdenum powder suitable for applications that require materials to withstand high temperatures.

2. High Density: Molybdenum is a dense material, with a density of about 10.2 grams per cubic centimeter. This high density makes molybdenum powder useful in applications where weight and space constraints are important considerations.

3. Excellent Strength and Hardness: Molybdenum powder exhibits high strength and hardness, which contribute to its ability to withstand mechanical stress, deformation, and wear. It is often used in alloys to enhance the strength and hardness of other materials.

4. Good Thermal Conductivity: Molybdenum is a good conductor of heat, with a thermal conductivity of approximately 138 watts per meter-kelvin. This characteristic makes molybdenum powder suitable for applications where efficient heat transfer is required.

5. Corrosion Resistance: Molybdenum has good resistance to corrosion and oxidation at elevated temperatures. It can withstand attack from acids, alkalis, and various chemicals. This corrosion resistance makes molybdenum powder suitable for applications in harsh environments.

6. Low Thermal Expansion: Molybdenum exhibits low thermal expansion, meaning it expands minimally when heated. This property allows molybdenum powder to maintain its structural integrity and dimensional stability under high-temperature conditions.

7. Good Electrical Conductivity: Molybdenum is a moderately good electrical conductor. It has an electrical conductivity of approximately 30% that of copper. This characteristic makes molybdenum powder suitable for electrical and electronic applications.

8. Refractory Properties: Molybdenum powder is classified as a refractory material, meaning it has a high resistance to heat and can withstand extreme temperatures without significant deformation or softening.

These characteristics make molybdenum powder valuable in various industries, including aerospace, electronics, energy, chemical processing, and automotive, where its unique properties are utilized in applications such as furnace components, catalysts, electrical contacts, heating elements, and high-temperature lubricants.