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vanadium battery

The vanadium used widely, potential future application development direction of the following aspects: (1) full-vanadium accumulator battery. The all-vanadium battery have been developed in recent years using VOS04 new battery as the electrolyte, carbon electrode. This battery has a high charge and discharge efficiency (up to 90%), low self-discharge (self-discharge is less than 10% per year), etc., It is a promising new product. Bulk vanadium battery, can be used as a source of electricity for large companies, islands and remote areas. Another potential market for vanadium battery is power electric vehicles. The core issue of the development of non-polluting electric car is power source. The vanadium battery breakthrough in this field, will greatly enhance the demand for vanadium. According to Japanese introduction, Japan has formed in the vanadium battery industrial scale plans to achieve annual output of 100000kw battery capacity, demand V2o5 recent of 7000t per year, which will further broaden the applications of vanadium

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