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The six first of V2O5 catalytic cycle

Compared with the existing industrial production methods,,Efficient and clean catalytic cycle of production process of V2O5 has six first: The first method in which only minimal air and water emissions from the process of production of V2O5.
The first method does not consume a lot of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical raw materials process, greatly reducing costs.
The first use of a low-temperature catalytic extraction method, leaching, transformed ore, vanadium pentoxide conversion rate of more than 90%.
First way uses low grade vanadium ores (content 0.3 --- 2.0% percent by mass) as a raw material to achieve a high conversion rate (of V2O5 vanadium conversion rate reached 90% or more)
The first to use the evaporation and crystallization, and other physical methods to separate different compounds in the vanadium ores process.
The first use of vanadium pentoxide extract liquor to refine vanadium pentoxide.
Catalytic cycle production of V2O5 technology will bring of vanadium pentoxide industrial manufacturing revolution.

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