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Optical conversion coating

Optical conversion coating. The study has been found that when the ambient temperature changes, VO4 coated optical transmission performance will change. This is an important direction of vanadium resource utilization. In the materials of vanadium function, the sol the - gel prepared VO4 coating is promising a material, its broad application prospects, take advantage of the special nature of its phase-change optical, electrical and other materials can be used for solar control, infrared radiation pyrometers, thermistors, thermal switches, variable mirrors, infrared pulse laser protective film, the material of the optical disc medium, the holographic storage material, the point the photochromic materials, color filters, thermal photochromic materials, nonlinear or linear resistive material, a temperature sensor, tunable microwave switch means, infrared optical modulation material, high-sensitivity strain sensor, a transparent conductive material, an antistatic coating, etc.. CCU companies in the United States in 1988 had already started studying composite membrane system for a fast stop pulsed laser radiation, the key is using vanadium dioxide film a kind of optical transmittance the function mutations performance ceramic materials.

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