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The short supply of Ammonium metavanadate raw materials

Today vanadium market quotations remain stable. Vanadium nitrogen alloy price is RMB121000.00-123000.00/mt. Ferrovanadium 50 price at RMB73000.00-750000/mt. vanadium pentoxide flake 98% price at RMB65500.00-66500.00/mt; the price of ammonium metavanadate is RMB 56000.00-58000.00/mt with RMB1000/mt rise. The contract price for Ferrovanadium 50 is about 63000.00/mt EXW price.
With the stimulation of steel company tender, the price of Vanadium nitrogen alloy rise back in last week, but the actual transactions are not better. Many plants express that the raw materials are hard to search with higher price. In last period, the market of ammonium metavanadate is very bad that transaction price even lower than production cost. Most plants stop or decrease production, which make the short supply, therefore the price of ammonium metavanadate go up. However the willing plants selling goods are not strong and waiting for the price go up again.
At present, the whole vanadium market is stable, steel market has limited price bounce back. With the price increase of vanadium nitrogen alloy and vanadium pentoxide flake 98%,the willing of ammonium metavanadate plants to increase price is more intense. Vanadium pentoxide market has get rid of the depressed condition, and the inquiries for downstream products also increase a lot. But the goods in stock is low, the price for vanadium pentoxide flake 98% is high.
In macroscopic aspect, the State Council decided that larger scale stimulate policy will come out. In the Third quarter, GDP has increased 7.4%, China economy has show positive signals.

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