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Ferrovanadium market stable, Vanadium nitrogen alloy market rise

The Vanadium market is relative stable now, and the quotations is RMB74000-RMB76000/MT EXW price, Vanadium nitrogen alloy EXW price is RMB121000-RMB123000/MT, vanadium flake 98% EXW price is RMB65000-RMB66000/MT, ammonium metavanadate EXW price is RMB 56000-58000/MT , ferrovanadium 50% EXW price is RMB62000-RMB63000/MT. As we know, the plants have stopped production for over half year. The downstream demand is not impeded and with the attack of vanadium nitrogen alloy, the price is hard to rise. The price of ferrovanadium 50% is RMB 72000/MT paid by acceptance. The price of ferrovanadium 80% is RMB120000/MT. The ferrovanadium market is relative stable, but the demand is relative tight. Vanadium nitrogen alloy market looks positive. In November, Steel companies invite tenders, which can largely recover the confidence of manufacturers. As experts estimated, the Vanadium nitrogen alloy market will bounce back. To sum up, the prices for vanadium products decrease apparently in this year. Manufacturers have met many difficulties like stop /reduce production. With the shock of long-term downturn market, some products are in short supply, and the manufacturers have low supply willing and positivity. In recent period, the vanadium series products comes good fluctuation under the promotion of advantages. However the total demand is limited, the price fluctuation is restrained.

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